"Funeral urns distinctive handcrafted pottery memorial urns, custom made for loved ones or pets"
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Lahti Art Clay Studio
1137 Walker Road
Chloe, WV 25235
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Keith Lahti

I have worked in clay for over 3 decades now and have always tried to balance an instinctual desire to connect to deeper non-verbal images, with the technical proficiency necessary to achieve these goals.

To this end I have immersed myself in the art of many different cultures and historical periods. My clay work has been particularly influenced by traditional and contemporary African objects, by Shang, Sung Dynasty, and contemporary Chinese art, and by South, Central, and North American Indian art and craft.

My work has two distinct types and styles. One type is earthenware. I refer to these pieces as "21st Century Ritual Vessels". Perhaps they would be a meditative reminder of our connection to other times and cultures. These urns may have intricate surface textures and layers of patinas.

The second type is stoneware. In these pieces I strive for grace and feel, with multiple glazes blended by melting being a primary decorative element, reflecting the flows I observe in nature.

On the technical side I have taken courses and workshops with a great diversity of clay teachers and artists, as well as pursuing a path of endless independent experimentation and documentation with clays, glazes and surface. Most of the pieces begin on the potter's wheel, and are then altered, cut, assembled and textured. The earthenware is multiple fired in a large electric kiln, and the stoneware and porcelain are fired in a large gas kiln of my own design. Keith Lahti Studio

With my clay art, I try to rise above the limitations of mere imitation or popular trends or style, in order to make my work meaningful to people of various backgrounds and cultures.

My studio and home are located in the mountains of Clay County West Virginia. I actively live the rural life style, building my own structures and gardening extensively. My other major form of expression is playing electric guitar, where I comprise half of the music duo "Holy Cow".
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